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    Unanswered: Max size of a table

    Is there a maximum or optimum number of rows I should have in a table so that I can have fastest search queries. I am a novice programmer just developed something for my work place.
    The database has a table created by converting data from excel spreadsheets. There were 24 spreadsheets for 12 months each having approximately 500 rows. Designed this way the table will have approximately 24 * 500 = 12000 records. Should I consider redesigning the database to make searches faster

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    It is not really the number of rows or columns, but these can be contributing factors, that effect performance but it can be a number of things.

    Can you generate the sql script for the table definition by right clicking on the table in enterprise manager and going to all tasks --> generate sql scripts?

    Can you also post the sql for the query?

    Also let us know about constraints, triggers and indices that may be on the table.
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