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Thread: date macro

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    Unanswered: date macro

    Could some one write me a macro to add 6 months to the date entered in a cell
    Thank you
    eg : 1/1/2005 should become 7/1/2005

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    That can be easy, but depending on what you want to do with it, it might be better to have one cell as entry, and the other that will automatically add six months. That can be done by formula rather than VBA.
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    Use this, combines VBA and excel functionalities:
    Dim i as Integer
    Sub test()
    i = 1
    For i = 1 To 10 'Rows 1 to 10
        Range("B" & i).Select    'A column with old date, B column with new date
        dateStr = "=date(year(A" & i & "),month(A" & i & ")+6,day(A" & i & "))"
        ActiveCell.Value = dateStr
    End Sub

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    heres my attempt at a macro
    Sub Dateaddition()
        Dim LastCell    As Range
        Dim rngUse      As Range
        Dim cl          As Range
        'replacing the current cells value with an additional 6 months
        Set LastCell = Cells.Find("*", , , , , xlPrevious)
        If Not LastCell Is Nothing Then
            Set rngUse = Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(LastCell.Row, 1))
                For Each cl In rngUse
                    'remove the offset to overwrite the values
                    If IsDate(cl.Value) Then _
                        cl.Offset(0, 1).Formula = DateAdd("m", 6, cl.Value)
                Next cl
        End If
        'get rid of object variables
        Set cl = Nothing
        Set rngUse = Nothing
        Set LastCell = Nothing
    End Sub
    this can be easily modified to work on any range of cells you want
    i have just done all the cells in column A as an example
    but as shades suggests if you can just do this by formula

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