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    Question Database design problem

    I'm working on a database system that will be using MS Access as the backend(not that it matters, just for information).

    I have stumbled into a bit of a problem with my design, I have a table of Assets, for example and asset could be a PC, Monitor or copier. The problem is that each asset has a set of specifications, CPU/RAM for the PC, size for the monitor, color/b&w for the copier. Since each type of Asset has different fields for it's specs I am wondering what the ideal method would be for normalizing this database.

    Thanks for your help.

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    there should be a "main" table with common columns (id, name/descr, dateadded, etc.) and to relate to other entities (e.g. department "owns" asset, etc.)

    then whether to have all the other columns in this table or whether each type should have its own separate table will depend on a number of factors

    personally, i like the solution of just having one table

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