We are seeing terrible performance with ASIQ. I wrote a script to insert ten million rows into a table with 20 columns. 5 of those columns are char(255). Load performance is fine, around 17,000 rows/second. Query performance, however, is terrible. It seems like whenever I issue a query that returns one of the char columns, that the query takes substantially longer than it would for a query without those columns. If I include a column that has a shorter string (char(50)) then it is a little more acceptable, but still longer than a typical query.

Most non-char queries come back in about 12-15 seconds against 10 million rows. Is this slow? (I'm a developer, not a DBA. ) There is no additional indexing in place at the moment because our main priority is loading data at a certain rate.

Currently our schema isn't anything like the star-schema that data warehouses use, I don't know if that is what is screwing us over or not. Any insights would be most appreciated.