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    Unanswered: problem w/ linking to excel sheet

    I'm trying to link to a excel sheet from Access.

    I did File->Get External Data->Link Tables, pick the file to link to, then link wizard starts...
    The source excel file contains 3 different worksheets or tabs (I want to link to one of them). The problem is only one worksheet shows up and it's not any of the 3 in the source file, though the info in this one worksheet is the type of info that would go in the worksheet I want to link to. I've tried this several times and the same thing happened.

    Anyone know what's going on? I only have read permission on the source file, could this be the problem? Or is it that the real location of the file is somewhere else and not where I access it?...

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    Hi di-cheung,

    Have you checked the Excel file lately? Seems to me there either is only that one worksheet in there or you are connecting to a different version than that you are seeking. Like maybe someone moved the one you wanted somewhere else? I had 2 different excel workbooks on my system, but didn't notice that one was named a bit different by just One character. I thought it too only had just one workbooks until I checked in WindowsExplorer and found it to be two. Linked to the other and Access showed all 4 worksheets inside my workbook. So just check to make very sure, it can it just did to me.

    have a nice one,

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    It was most definitely the correct file. I also ask the person who own and oversees that file whether it is a copy and that the original resides somewhere else. She confirmed that there's only one such file and where I'm accessing it is the only place it has ever been.

    I found out that it's a protected and shared file. that may have something to do w/ it.

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