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    Cool Unanswered: How to know who deleted the rows and what sql was used ?

    OS390, DB2 Ver 7

    We suddenly found a large number of rows missing in one of our tables. Is there a way to find who did what and how ? We dont have any third party tools to help. Any suggestions or steps to find this info is highly appreciated.


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    There are tools to read the logs, but they cost money. BMC is one vendor that provides one.
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    You can do that only with DB2 core utilities. First, you have to run a report recovery against the table in question. There you will get a listing about UR with a time, when this UR was created and STARTRBA and STOPRBA. With these values you can run the DSN1LOGP-utility to get the records from the log (this can be a huge amount of data). In these log datasets you will find records like 'DELETE IN A PAGE' with a userid displayed. It is a little bit cumbersome, but I did it some times with success.

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    Thanks very much , I was able to get the userid's. How to get the sql run to delete the rows ?

    Thanks again.

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