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    Red face Unanswered: Need Tips on Implementation Fun

    Hi guys,

    I'm rolling out my database next Thursday, and need to make sure I don't lock myself out of it again.

    It's currently an unsecured .mdb file on our networked drive, so everyone has access to it.

    I need to be able to protect my source code, and also the design view, while not locking myself out of being able to find it later. Is there a way I can build in a backdoor or something? I've locked myself out of a database before because of this.

    I'd like the database window to not show, and to allow multiple people to read/write to the database at once.

    They will also need replicas, which I plan on making up today.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to make this transition a bit smoother? I'm such a moron that I'll probably break the whole thing.... come to think of it I ought to back up now....

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    You can do this using access' security. A nice step-by-step can be found at

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    I'm stubborn when it comes to this topic. As work and pleasure should be kept separate, I think so should development and production copies of any Access database. My approach is fairly simple. I keep the development copy secured on my personal machine and when I need to release a production copy, I generate a MDE file and lock everything down.

    The MDE, which is in shared-mode, is kept on a networked drive and the remote machines simply link to the same file. This makes deploying updates extremely easy as all I have to do is replace the MDE on the network with a new file and everyone will instantly have access to the updates. Just make sure you kick everyone out of the database prior to replacing the MDE file.

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