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    Thumbs up Unanswered: Functions within a pivot table

    I have a pivot table... i need a function that will allow search and sort of this table.

    For example... if i have various expenses within this table, how is it possible to search for particular expense pay dates? - be able to search for particular upcoming payments for bills for example.

    Is there also a possbility of having an alert within the pivot table... be alerted for upcoming payments?

    Your advice/ suggestions/ tips and answers are much appreciated


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    i reckon youll need VBA for this how do you want alerts to appear and how would you like to search

    How is the particular pivot used
    can people change it
    do you want a textbox to type your search criteria in
    do you want upcoming payments to be highlighted put into a new sheet etc.

    anything else you can think of

    we will have to handle a lot of things if you want the code to handle everything that can happen

    do you also know that if you double click on some data in the pivot table it will produce a list from the datasource that built that calculation


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    Dave thanks for this...

    The Pivot-table that i have created allows data to be di-sected into new sheets...

    I would like the alerts to identify upcoming payments to be made - everytime the worksheet is opened.. the script would run and look for the closest payment to be made...

    The pivot-table is changable by all... it is to be updated as and when basis.

    what would you suggest for a search function... a text box sounds good... would the user be able to put in specific dates for payments... from this date to this date... and be able to get data in regards to that specific date frequency?

    Basically... any data that comes within those specific dates in question (01.01.05 - 01.04.05) should be highlighted in some colour, or put into a new sheet... anything that can identify data easily...

    I really appreciate your help with this... i have never gone this advanced into Excel and am happy that i think you know what i am looking to achieve.

    Let me know if you need further details to answer my Q.

    Many thanks,

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