Iam new bee in sql server 2000 .
I Created a new Package and have written couple of Data Driven Query Tasks
which is actually inserting/updating rows into the tables. I have a
lookup function and iam checking that in actives script.
i need to write error logs like if the taks fails(Data
Driven Query Task) i have to record them in a text file and is the task is fine even then i have to record a log describing
1) Status :: success or failure
2) Number of records updated
3) Reason for failure if status is success..
I can create a text filke using CreateTextFile function in ActiveX Script....An i can write some matter into it...
But i couldnt find a function which will tell me the number of rows
inserted or updated...and i dont know the function which will give me the status of the row(whether updated or inserted) or even the total number of rows inserted.... Anyone can suggest the functions i have to use would be better ..