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    Unanswered: Migrating data from one db2instance to another

    I have two db2 instances (inst1, inst2) each with its own set of tables. Is there a way of migrating data from one db2 instance to another?

    What I would eventually like to do is something like :

    INSERT INTO inst2.table2 SELECT * FROM inst1.table1
    Is this possible in DB2. If so, how can I do it?

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    You would have to setup DB2 Federated support if you have an SQL statement which needs to recognize a table in an different database than the one you are connected to. This is true regardless of whether the database is in the same instance or a different instance.

    You could also do exports and imports of the data. If you want to automate the export and import of a large group of tables, you can use db2move command.

    You can also do a redirected restore of a backup.
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    You can with Websphere Information Integrator. But if it's infrequent, investigate the db2move utility.

    James Campbell

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