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    Unanswered: Problem Printing a Popup Report

    I have a popup form that the user enters a date parameter that feeds a report. I had to set the report to popup as well so it would appear on top of the previous popup form and a macro that maximize the report. The problem is that I would like the toolbar so the user can use the printer icon to print the report. You can currently right click on the report and select print, but I would like to simplify it for the user. Can anyone help with some suggestions? Thanks!

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    Generally your popup form would contain something like a OK or Preview button so as to initiate the display of your report with all the neccessary criteria. With this in mind, make your popup Form hide just before your report is fired.... For example:
    Me.Visible = False
    DoCmd.OpenReport "myReportName", acViewPreview, , strgMyCriteria
    Then...when you close the report, make the popup form visible again or close it all together via the OnClose event within the report. For example:

    To make the popup Form visible again...
    Private Sub Report_Close()
    	Forms!myPopupFormName.Visible = True
    End Sub
    OR to Close the popup Form...
    (You will need the well known IsLoaded Function for this)
    Private Sub Report_Close()
       If IsLoaded("myPopupFormName") Then ' Make sure the Form is loaded before issuing a Close command.
    	  DoCmd.Close acForm, "myPopupFormName"
       End If
    End Sub
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