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    Unanswered: displaying html attributes for null fields

    i have a table which displays information from out database. some of the fields in the database are problems there. howerver, when the information is displayed in the table, the border attributes for the fields with null values disappear. is there a way to keep the html attributes for field with null values b/c it really makes the table look bad. Thanks for any help. i'm also using classic ASP, not ASP .NET. thanks

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    nevermind...i figured it out

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    Also Nulls such as in variables can be a problem when trying to use them in comparisons. So I usually convert things like text fields from a database that could be Null to be "" instead of Null:

    MyVar = jpsvbNullToBlank(MyVar)

    Function jpsvbNullToBlank(pvarFld)
    ' Convert Null to blank.
    If IsNull(pvarFld) Then
    jpsvbNullToBlank = ""
    jpsvbNullToBlank = pvarFld
    End If
    End Function
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