Database Administrator/Unix System Administrator/Coder,
Position based in Mountain View, CA.

The engineering team is seeking a professional database administrator (DBA) with Unix System’s Administration skills to help drive continuous quality and availability improvement for services. Engineers are involved in all aspects of running our site, from design to debug, from architecture to applications. This highly technical, mission critical team spends its time troubleshooting problems in large-scale clustered application service environments, and focuses on making continual improvements to our services.


•4+ years experience in senior level database administration and Unix system administration.
•Expert coding in any of the following languages: C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Shell, PHP
•Deep understanding of networking ie: understanding of how to isolate, diagnose, and resolve service delivery components (service delivery components include servers, networks, and applications); be familiar with the functionality, operating, and failure modes of key networking devices (routers, switches, bridges, firewalls, hardware load balancers); be able to identify networking as the potential cause of a service issue using server-resident tools to generate this data (i.e. tcpdump, ping, traceroute, etc.); familiarity in interpreting the output of these tools; familiarity with common network topologies, protocols, and tools; have some notion of common network security exploits -- and their remedies; understanding of troubleshooting at the packet level
•BA/BS in Computer Science or a related technical discipline.
•Expertise in shell scripting or programming in a Unix environment.
•Experience running MySQL 4.0 or greater at large scale; proficiency with other databases.
•Strong understanding of Unix systems and database performance tuning.
•Proven experience with database replication techniques and complexities, automation, monitoring, and high-availability strategies.
•Highly skilled at SQL coding, query optimization, and schema design.
•Knowledge of XML is a plus.

For immediate consideration, please send a text (ASCII) or HTML or PDF version of your resume to: