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    Unanswered: Informix, PHP, Apache

    Hi all,

    Could somebody please offer a suggestion how I can get informix to
    be available php/apache after my linux system boots up.

    Apache starts up at boot time the - INFORMIXDIR, INFORMIXSERVER,LD_LIBRARY_PATH etc.. are all loaded at boot time, however if I do a call to the db straight after a boot it don't work.

    If I stop Apache then start Apache it works straight away, if I restart Apache it don't work. It wouldn't worry me if I had the system close by but it's usually on the weekend we have hours long power cuts and I'm miles away.

    We don't have telnet or SSH access so I can't do it remote.

    In case it matters the system is :
    RedHat Linux 7.3 Kernel 2.2.14
    IDS 9.4
    Apache 1.3.27

    Any help greatly appreciated...

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    Test you the available memory, when star-up. Test tye recourses of SO ?
    I remember that IDS 9.40, need Kernel up that 2.2.14.
    I install 9.40 on Fedora 2 and run fine, but Red Hat 8 not work fine. Please test this.


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    I would first verify that the Informix database is actually running. Also verify that the sqlhosts and /etc/services are setup correctly, so you can connect to the database.

    How are you stopping/starting/restarting Apache? Is it via the rc script? If so, verify that the INFORMIXSERVER variable is set properly whether you start or restart.

    lastly you can write a php script with a phpinfo() call. If you call that script with a browser it will display a whole bunch of info about php, like was it compiled with Informix support and if it sees all your Informix variables.

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