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    Unanswered: Connect to sql server through internet


    Can someone please tell me how to do that?
    I tried to connect to a sql server through internet by using sql query analyzer but it failed.

    I searched for information in the internet but came to no avail.

    Can someone please shed some light?

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    I don't know of any "one size fits all" solution for connectivity problems. Without understanding what ISN'T working, it is tough to figure out what will work.

    The simplest answer is to set up VPN if that is a choice (such as when you want to connect to a work server from home). This can make things as simple as when you want to connect to a SQL Server on another machine in the office.

    If that isn't the case, things get a bit more complicated. There are usually about 1000 pieces involved in connecting two arbitrary computers over the internet. There are usually only one or two of them that work against the connection, but finding them is a needle in a haystack.


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    Are you wanting to do this for work, for a SQL Server at home, or for a SQL Server from an web host?
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