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    Red face Unanswered: connection refuses when attemping contact ...

    I'm new to oracle. Recently I suseccfully instaled Oracle 10g database on fedora core 3. I could log on to OEM and isqlpus via firefox. But on next day, when I log on again, firefox say:
    Connection refured when attemping contact localhost.localdomain:5500/em
    Could anyone teach me the detail procedure to solve this problem?
    please help me.I need your help.
    many thanks.

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    Are you sure the oracle processes are running?
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    Try to connect to Oracle using sqlplus.It is a built in application that is installed with other oracle executables,so you can use:
     $sqlplus /nolog
      /*After you run sqlplus then you will see a prompt looks like "SQL>" */
     SQL>connect scott/tiger
     /*if you are not working on server machine add "@<service_name>" to end of this */

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