Hi all,
I have an ado shape command below as shown:
adoPrimaryRS.Open " SHAPE {SELECT Orders.* FROM Orders} AS Orders APPEND ({SELECT Design.* FROM Design} AS Design RELATE 'Name' TO 'DesignName') AS Design,(( SHAPE {SELECT OrderNo, QtyBooked, RollNo FROM Wip} AS Wip COMPUTE Wip, SUM(Wip.'QtyBooked') AS Aggregate1 BY 'OrderNo') AS Wip_Grouping RELATE 'OrderNo' TO 'OrderNo') AS Wip_Grouping,({SELECT OrderNo, QtyBooked, RollNo FROM Wip} AS WipHeader RELATE 'OrderNo' TO 'OrderNo') AS WipHeader", db, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic

At the moment I have a datagrid on my form named DataGrid2t o display the Sum QtyBooked using the code: Set DataGrid2.DataSource = adoPrimaryRS("Wip_Grouping").UnderlyingValue

What I want to do is display the result in a text box. What code would I use?