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    Unanswered: ORA-04052: error occurred when looking up remote object

    Hi all,

    We have created the db links between database ITS (Oracle 9.2) and database OASIS (Oracle 8.1.6 )

    ITS -- > OASIS db_link ITS_DEV
    OASIS -- > ITS db_link ITS_DEV ( same name)

    I am getting the following error when compiling the package TRANSFERTS_OASIS (please see the code below)

    ORA-04052: error occurred when looking up remote object OASIS.TRANSFERTS_OASIS@ITS_DEV.WORLD
    ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1
    ORA-02019: connection description for remote database not found

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
    Database OASIS

    Package Transferts_OASIS

    TYPE pserviceTyp IS RECORD(
    pservice_ancien VARCHAR2(12),
    pservice_nouveau VARCHAR2(12),
    reseau VARCHAR2(2),
    description VARCHAR2(100),
    consigne_min NUMBER(12),
    consigne_max NUMBER(12));
    TYPE pserviceTypListe IS TABLE OF pserviceTyp INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER;

    s_list pserviceTypListe;

    Procedure proc1


    END proc1 ;
    Database ITS

    Package pkgITS

    Procedure Proc1 (p_list IN transferts_oasis.pserviceTypListe@ITS_DEV)

    End Proc1 ;


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    Do you have global_name set in the initialization?

    Have you set the global database name
    sql> select * from global_name;

    Are you using domains ??? Can you get a connection to the remote database from sqlplus ?

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    You are in database A, want to connect with database link to database B.

    On the server where database A is, it cannot find database B.

    (Look in database link defenition where it connects to, then do a tnsping from server where database A is. I guess it won't work)
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