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    Unhappy Unanswered: Simple insert query VERY slow !


    I don't know what to do anymore ;o(

    I've got 2 servers, with sql server 2000 sp3 and ms windows 2003 server.
    I've written a very simple stored procedure to insert 20,000 rows into a very simple table TEST (id int, msg varchar_50)

    On the first server (P-IV 2 GHz), it takes 700 ms / 1000 insertions
    and on the second (2x Xeon 2,6 GHz), it takes 13 s / 1000 insertions...

    (insertion is : INSERT INTO TEST (id, msg) VALUES (@id, 'dummy text'))


    SQL Server was installed exactly in the same way...

    what could I do see where the problem is ? With profiler, I see no difference while logging all events....

    please help or give ideas

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    You're worried about that?

    I'd be more worried that your boss finds out that you're doing it that way...

    Use bcp

    It's a Great Day for America everybody!

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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