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    Unanswered: SQL*Net and Firewall

    In Oracle8, if you needed to connect to a listener through a firewall and your firewall administrator was stingy with the allowable ports, you could add a parameter to your Windows 2k registry of USE_SHARED_SOCKET with a value of TRUE. Doing this would force the database to connect back to the client using the same port used to connect to the listener. A boon for those pounding our heads against the wall trying to get a connection to a database on the other side of a firewall...

    However, in 8.1.7 / Windows XP, it is almost as if this workaround is not respected. My database is on a Windows XP box on a remote network behind a firewall, and I keep getting a TNS Connection Closed error. I've tried Oracle's suggestions of setting up MTS_DISPATCHERS, etc, ad nauseum. Nothing seems to work.

    Does anyone have another idea as to how to get through the firewall and back? Changing firewall port exceptions is not an option...

    Thanks in advance!
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    The "only" solution is to use a firewall that Is "Oracle aware" & configured to interoperate with SQL*Net
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