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    Unanswered: FoxPro 2.6 Embedded Graphs in Reports

    i have a legacy app created in foxpro 2.6 for which funding is not currently available to rework in VFP. I need to add several reports that will have both data and graphs on each page. has anyone done this, and how...


    James Ramsey

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    Is it written in 2.6 for DOS or 2.6 for Windows?

    Do you have a copy of 2.6?

    If so - it shipped with FOXGRAPH.exe for doing I think - what you described. I never used it.

    Another thought is to have a query bring the data out that's needed and have Excel with some macros suck it in in it's predefined layout and auto-gen the graph(s).

    Just some ideas.


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