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    Unanswered: planning to publish a website.

    my company that Im working are planning to publish. my boss tel me to make a web application. I almost finished my web. My app are connecting to a sql server 2000. If the web app are to be publish do I have to change my sql server 2000 configuration in order to connect. Or there is a site that give a trial even as one day so that I can present my web application to my boss.
    Sory for my long question, actually Im a vb6 programmer of my company and this is my first time to make a web application. Sory the company located in philippines. or you can contact me in my yahoo messenger with yahoo id as hacedp.

    Thinks in advance.

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    I think that you sql server must be at a web server that your site may "see" or that your isp has sql server or other database.

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