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    Unanswered: How can I connect with psql?

    Can you show me, please, how can I connect with psql utility?
    I try in many ways and I cannot connect because of the password required.
    I search the PostGreSQL help and others examples on the net but I still cannot connect. My environment is Windows 2000, and my PostGreSQL is 8.

    Let me show my example:
    I have the following coordonates:
    db = Database Name; Network\Me = My network name (my computer in my network); Port = 5432; Username = postgres; password = MyPwd (if I look to server properties I have the need password check box checked.
    I try in many and many ways to connect to psql.
    All the methods I try finally ends with the require of password which I am asked to entered but I cannot type.
    About the hostname can you tell me what must I introduse here: is it Network\Me?
    if you can give me some examples I will be grateful to you.
    Thanks in advanced,


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    Can you connect with pgAdmin?
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