Hi all,
We are running Udb V7 Workgroup FP12 on NT4. This is our test replication server with four target machines and the mainframe as source. Each target server replicates 160 tables from staging tables on the affected server. It has been working fine for a couple of years but suddenly the database logs are not being deleted.

Any thoughts from the cognoscenti would be appreciated.

Some backgound info
logretain is set to capture (2).
Capture program is up-to-date, as are all subscriptions.
All synchpoints in the register, pruncntl and subs_set tables look Ok to me.
Some CD_OLD_SYNCHPOINTs are behind, but they are WAY behind (Ie. before the problem started, even last year judging from the log number in the db2flsn output).
A possibly connected event is that the capture program had a really hard time the week before when the apply from the mainframe spent the weekend doing 50000 updates, hitting an RI error and then repeating 5 mins later. The capture program took up until Thursday to catch up on all those updates and rollbacks. But it seemed to be Ok after that and all of those logs were deleted successfully without human intervention.