I can't seem to import this .sql file.

I run mysql-4.1.10-win32, a fresh install.

this is how i worked:
mysql -uroot -ppassword
>create database dbtest;

mysql -uroot -ppassword dbtest < c:\backup.sql

the .sql file is 605 MB but if i check the properties of the ../data/dbtest map its only 94,8kb. And then the dosprompt stays hanging but the db doesnt get any larger. If i press ctrl-C, sometimes i get errno 121 , but sometimes i don't.
The last time however -first time with this version- i got a different error when using ctrl-c to break of the command:ERROR 2013 (HY000) at line 2099:
lost connection to mysql server during query.
Others have used this backup.sql succesfully.
I tried it with different versions of mysql, i have tried with another instance of the database none of this worked.
I've lost some time on this problem any help would be appreciated.