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    Unanswered: TNS: operation timed out

    Hi guys.
    I can not login into oracle server I get 'TNS: operation timed out' message.
    I'm sure my tnsnames I set up correcty. From other computer I can log in without trubles and it's the same version of oracle client using the same tnsnames. yesterday I could connect. I can't do it since this morning and I've changed nothing. I'm sure the network is working becouse I can ping the mashine the server is running on, but I can not tnsping service name. thank you very much for advice.

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    Did you also check the SQLNET.ORA file (in the same directory where TNSNAMES.ORA is)?

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    Operation timed out, means that the server could not be reached.

    Please do a TNSPING on the server from where you try to connect.
    Then, try to ping the server mentioned in the tnsping output (HOST)
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