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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Not able to retrieve Rows from Small table-So many time for so long

    Dear Participants,

    We are using merge replication for multi locational database but we are facing one problem in only one table which is not included in replication-

    Table name is xxxxmast has only 39 row static information, but it used by every users for all task as select only information from this table like-

    Select fin_year into mem_variable from xxxxmast where co_name = :global_variable

    Code validation from here only.

    Right validation from here only.

    Report retrival validation from here only.

    It means its usage for select from every user frequentely for so many times but we have to only fetch information from this table.

    It was working prior fine but rightnow get problem for while-

    Today Dated 08-March this table not accessible fro three times in eight hours-

    1st time for 10 minute.

    2nd time 10 minutes

    3rd time 52 minutes.

    Users want to login but at the login time years and other validation from this table, so users awaited for above mention time.

    We had have do following by yesterday-

    Drop table xxxxmast.

    Create table xxxxmast.

    Insert required data.

    This is realy trouble for our application.

    Any help realy great for us.



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    Can you please give some information about your application. If it is web application then it would be better to store such information which will be used by multipal user and multipal time into application cashe object. Such objects will be created at the time of application starts and this object can be shared between different application sessions.

    Input required to determine the solution.

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    I would like share my information with you-

    We are using client - server model architecture for the our business-

    Database - MSSQL Server 2000 with service pack3 on windows 2000 server box

    Frontend - PowerBuilder 7.0 (Only pbd + exe + few required DLL)

    No of users - 35 on HO site and 25 at factory.

    Replication model - Merge.

    We don't have any licence or service support for that.

    It is undertesting if it is success so we will have to buy it.



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    I'm rather fuzzy on the exact details, but PowerBuilder 7.0 had a notorioius problem with greedy locks.

    The solution is to create a new transaction object (separate from SQLCA), and make that object "read only" from the application's perspective. I think that there is an attribute of the transaction object that does this, but I think that I also remember having to force it by dynamically executing:
    If this isn't enough to help, let me know and I'll see if I can dig up some example code to help.


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