owc11 Pivot table should also be filled with DataSets.

I am developing an applciation which uses Pivot tables for anaylitical View. This applciation is being developed on .net platform. and SQLHelper class [microsoft data access application block ] is being used for STANDARDIZED data access.

this class provide datasets and datareaders mechanisms but NOT the Recordset.
On the other hand Pivot table datasource can be set to Recordsets or XML files. but NOT the datasets.

In order to fill pivot table i have to explicitly use Recordset mechanism.[there for the standarized definition doesn't meet for this case]

One solution is to convert the Dataset to recordset.
microsoft suggests this by using 3 steps

1) DataSet will be transformed to- an external XML File / xml stream
2)A recordset will be filled by that External XML File / xml stream
3) and then that record set may be used to set pivot table data source.

the problem here is since quries themselve are very time consuming
and by using above method it will take more time.

other solution is to have owc11 much intelligent to accept datasets as their Datasources.

Your feedback will highly be appreciated.
Kind Regards
Sarfraz Ahmed