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    Unanswered: Data intergrety between 2 enviroments

    we have a table that after being loaded we bulk copy it to a as400 table and then truncate the sql server table.. lets say the 400 shuts down my transaction pile ups so iam thinking lets put the transaction in a temp table and then roll another job every 10 minute to check on the as400 if it exist if it dosent then insert the record is there a way to pass a query to the as400 from sql or to conect on a as400 and query the databse

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    Talking as400 table


    Does your As400 server switch off alot , do you know which times this server is availiable..if yes then i would suggest you create and shedule a job to transfer the sql data to the as400 table(s) during the uptime period by using DTS.

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