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    Unanswered: Trancation Replication Problems

    Hi All

    I have already checked the answers in discussions to find a solution for my problem but I could not..

    I am using Trancation Replication for my customer. There is one server (Publish) in a city and 5 more

    Subscription in different citys. We are only replicating one Table, that is called "Adresse"

    So far I got 2 kind of problems.
    1.One of them subscriptions being "inactive".
    2.the other one is that some of the subscriptions have connection problem with Publisher DB.

    For the Problem 1, if there is no transaction occurs within "14 days(default value)" between publishing

    server and subscription servers, becoming Subscriptions inactive. I changed this value as "never

    expired" but I am not sure it is a good idea. As I read, Distribution DB is growing. But only one Table

    is it a problem?

    The 2. Problem that I yesterday had is connection Problem. 3 of subscriptions was working fine but 2 of

    them were not available.
    The error messages are at replication monitor like this for these 2 server.
    "The agent is suspect.No Response within last 10 minutes"

    I know that is only a information messages.

    But in subcription side, the error was;

    "The Process could not connect to Distributor 'Server1' "

    The customers Network is really bad and they are living disconnections very often.

    Then, in replication monitor screen, I made right click to subcriptions which are not running and

    clicked "Start synchronizing".
    After that, the transactions are made and the situations of these 2 subscriptions became normal and


    Regarding this problem, if there is a network problem in Subcriptions, how can replication

    (synchronizing) start automatically, after the network is up again.

    Because, its not good, everytime connecting to Customer server and start synchronizing. Could it be made

    with and stored procedures or with a Job, script??

    Thanks alot in advance...


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    Making a publication go longer before becoming inactive will make your distribution database larger (for transactional replication), but it shouldn't really hurt anything as long as your distributor can handle the growth.

    If the Subscribers have connectivity issues reaching the Distributor, there are several things that you can do. Each of those choices has different costs and benefits, so you need to find the one that works best for your situation.

    If this is a simple dissemination of information (the subscribers only receive data, they never attempt to change it), then I'd suggest using snapshot replication. This isn't on ongoing process like Transactional replication, but Snapshot replication usually sends much less data over the network than Transaction replication does, and you can have much better control over the timing of the transmission so that it has less interferance with other processes using the network.

    If you need to keep the Transaction replication, you may need to resort to a job that will periodically check to see if the distribution task is stopped and the subscriber is available, then restart the distribution task. Jobs are ideal for this because you can have a step attempt to do something that may fail catastrophically (in other words, cause the script to abort), but have the job continue on afterwards.

    It would take considerable knowledge about your setup to find the "best" answer, but it shouldn't be hard to find a solution that you can live with.


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    Thanks alot for your answer...

    Best Redards


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