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    Smile Unanswered: Access/Oracle Application Architecture


    I am about to begin work on a new front end for an existing Oracle database. The front-end needs to be Access based. I have a fair amount of Access knowledge including VBA, but I am after some information on the best way to 'architect' the solution.

    I have searched google and msdn, but havent found anything very relevant.

    Does anyone know of any links to best practice or architecture documents for this type of solution?

    Specific questions i have include:
    -should i 'link tables' to the oracld db or embed code in my forms to query the database programatically via ADO?
    -is it better to embed code in my forms or use modules and refer to them from the form?

    any info would be appreciated,


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    Oracle from Access

    You need to set up ODBC for your Oracle database. This means you will probably first have to install the Oracle ODBC drivers for your particular release of Oracle. Create an ODBC System Name for your database and test the connection. Once everything is working create a link for each of the tables you need to reference in the database. once the links are created you can pretty much use the Oracle tables like Access tables...

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    Thanks for the info.

    Is there any way to link tables programatically, so that a user can select which db to connect to when he/she logs in? Users can concievably log into different servers, e.g. a test environment and a prod environment.

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