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    Unanswered: Save file to SQL server with ASP

    Good day,

    I hope someone can help.

    At the company I work we have an intranet that does numerous things. One thing that has recently been requested is that it be used as a typ eof information store. This I need to be able to save doc files, images and so on to sql server with asp. They would prefer to have the files saved directly into a SQL table and not to a drive on the network. I have tried and tried and searched for weeks but can find nothing to help me. Once I have saved the file to the table I will also need to retrieve it, so if some body can help with either or both it would be great, PLEASE!!


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    using standard asp? the only way I have done this is by developing a com object to handle the uploads. I'd have to hunt it out again.... it's not a very good idea generally speaking though. It tends to bloat your database.

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