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    Unanswered: MSDE worth using or should I invest in mySQL? (was "MSDE")

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this this question but I'll give it a shot.

    The only db development that I have ever done is in MS Access. I have a project at work that is being accomplished in VB and I need a db engine to use as the back end. Visual studio came with a copy of MSDE. Is this tool worth using or should I invest in mySQL? Are there any advantages to using MSDE over mySQL?

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    In my opinion, MSDE blows MySQL away. MSDE is a "scaled down" version of SQL Server. From a SQL syntax perspective, it is nearly impossible to tell them apart (yes, the purist can find functions designed to tell you the difference, but there are no meaningful differences to me).

    I'd strongly recommend MSDE over MySQL in almost every case, for many reasons.


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    Or SQL Server Express if you can wait awhile

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    It really depends what you're using it for. If you are on a Windows based platform, then use MSDE. If not, then use mySQL. If you want data integrity, then use MSDE. If you don't care and you're just a developer, then use mySQL. There are a couple other differences of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brett Kaiser
    Or SQL Server Express if you can wait awhile
    Or Sybase ASE Express, which you don't have to wait for

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