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    Unanswered: Access Query

    Within an Access form, I would like a lookup field to a query which returns a combination of fields in one.

    Table Names has fields strForename and strSurname
    Within a form, I would like a dropdown menu which shows both fields as one in the form: strSurname, strForenam

    I am not too adept with Access queries and would appreciate any help.



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    you'll be setting the rowsource as 3 rows. strSurnam and strForenam and ID. Bind any selections to the ID column, but make it's column width 0cm so that you just see the fore and last names. The ID field makes it easier to filter the correct data because you never know if you'll have two people with the same name.

    To do this, just use the build wizard that comes with access. This should sort you out, but if not, look through the help files.

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