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    Red face Unanswered: DTS Job ActiveX Script Help

    I have a DTS Package Job that needs to pre-check a txt file (see below) with a 'Date' in it. TO compare it with the current Date (execution Date -> today). If they match, move on to the next step and fail otherwise. I don't know how to create an ActiveX script to do this kind of comparison.

    Volume Unit Referred SBR Used Recfm SSNE BlkSz Dsorg Dsname
    5GSL4B 6760 2005/03/09 1065535 FB 3000 27000 PS 'AAS3P.QT.SECMRK.ZXWSDB.FULL.UNPACKED'

    Thank you for any suggestion!


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    I would create the text file as another data source. You can then grab the first line, and put the date into the global variable or something, then run an activeX script to compare the global variable to the current date.

    Does that kinda achieve what you are after?

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