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    Unanswered: Informix 4GL Question

    I have a development server and a production one. We have a similar database (columns, indexes, etc.), but the production one is larger this it has different extent sizes setup.

    We have a couple of 4gl programs that we compile on the development server and then run on production, which is running 4gl runtime.

    It has been proposed to me that because the extent sizes are different we would get a -710 error when we try to run our 4gl program. The -710 has to do with running a prepared statement and the table has been renamed, dropped, or altered. I can understand getting the error message if the columns were different or the indexes, but I can't imagine why it would care about the extent sizes.
    If true that would mean we would have to re-compile the programs on production.

    Has anyone else ever heard or seen this issue? Thanks.

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    I suggets you that compiler the program in production next test if error ocurr.
    Please test in program the definition of variables related to the table is fine.


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