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    Unanswered: Start Up Problem

    All of a sudden I'm getting the following error when trying to connect to DB2 EE 8.2. I've already tried to start the database manager.

    [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL1032N No start database manager command was issued. SQLSTATE=57019

    Here is the error I receive in the db2diag.log. I'm unable to find any information on the following. Any ideas?

    2005-03-09- E858H399 LEVEL: Error (OS)
    PID : 576 TID : 1144 PROC : db2dasstm.exe
    INSTANCE: DB2 NODE : 000
    FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, oper system services, sqloSSemClose, probe:20
    CALLED : OS, -, unspecified_system_function OSERR: 6
    RETCODE : ECF=0x9000000C=-1879048180=ECF_INVALID_PARAMETER
    Invalid parameter

    Thanks for any help.

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    Just for having a clear picture of the problem asking you:
    What command you issued for starting the db manager and what was the exact return SQL code?


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    I think it was a licensing issue. I had an evaluation version that I was using on a test server. Reinstalled with full license and it is fine now. Thanks

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