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    Talking Unanswered: Passing selected record in listbox to txtfields in the editForm?

    Hi Programming Geeks ,

    I have 20 columns of data for each record.. When search result is displayed in the listbox.. User gets to select one record.. and by pressing the edit button..

    User will be lead to the edit page with all the 20 columns of the selected record in listbox. These 20 coloumns values of a record will be copied to the respective textfields in the edit form ready for user to edit... How am i going to pass these values over to the textfield in editform?

    And when btnSave is clicked, records will be updating the old records in the database... Do u think this can be done??

    Ahhhh... and how am i suppose to go about doing it?? *puzzled*

    Please help!!! My search form is done but now is my edit form.... im stumped... Pleeeassseeee.... so sad.. always bumb into another problem whenever one is solve... ArghhhH!!

    Thanks all!!

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    Ahhh... Anyone can help me???

    Please please please please pleassssssseeeeeeeee.......
    Ahhhhhhh.. why noone wants to reply me...
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