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    Unanswered: init parameter remote_login_passwordfile

    Dear All
    I want to change the parameter remote_login_passwordfile to none.I have tried it in two ways
    1. in nomount mode : alter system set remote_login_passwordfile=none
    2. modify the pfile remote_login_passwordfile=none and restart DB
    They were failed. How can I change the parameter

    Many Thank.s

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    Any parametric changes to init file should be associated with a shutdown of the instance and then again restarting it.
    But if its 9i we can dynamic change in the parameter value this only happens if the db has been started with spfile and not init file.
    If you donot have an spfile and want to create one from existing modified version of init file use
    create spfile from pfile;
    Startup command without a pfile parameter by default searches for spfile and only goes for init file if it doesn't find one.

    Hope it clears ur doubt

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