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    Unanswered: DTS Question


    I made a DTS which appends data coming infrom a view to an exisiting table.So far no problem and all goes well.

    I am facing a problem due to the format of the date that is coming in (getting appended) and while going through BOL, came across the following topic:

    mk:@MSITStore:C:\Program%20Files\Microsoft%20SQL%2 0Server\80\Tools\Books\howtosql.chm::/ht_dts_trns_97ou.htm

    I tired the above tips but it appears that if I try to do this in my DTS (which appends data),the logic of the DTS will change. A single arrow also gets added whichI think represents a simple mapping/transformation rather than a append. To clarify my point, please note the attached image which represents that the data is being appended (due to the many sided arrows pointing to the source and destination - visible under the Transformations tab of my DTS).

    Sincerely hoping that my post is clear, can someone help me find how to make changes in a DTS (which appends data) and ensuring that thelogic remains the same i.e. it should append data.

    Many TIA
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    How exactly is your current DTS package appending the destination table ? Do you have some logic right in the transformation ?


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    the only thing your diagram shows is that you have a transformation that has more source columns then destination columns and there is nothing wrong with that.

    As for the appending of data, well that really depends on what you are doing prior to your transformation. Are you deleting the existing data or not? This isn't really part of the transformation itself....

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