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    Unanswered: front end

    Im new to Sybase having been using MS SQL Server 2000, so Im missing the enterprise manager. Does anyone know of a good front end for executing queries on Sybase? Ive heard ISQL isnt very good. Im currently using one that was built in house. It isnt very good either and hangs if I return large datasets.

    TIA MArk.

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    Front end

    There are nice front ends from embarcadero but they cost $$. But they are robust

    There is winsql lite:
    Don't know much about it but it may be cheap or free.

    There is also sqsh

    and there is good old SQL advantage which could be on your client disc if you have a latter version of ASE. Otherwise somone might be able to mail you a zip file of the install. It's free as well.


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