Plz help,

I have the following query which runs fine without the insert

INSERT INTO `db_x`.`attributes` (id, typeid, value, start_time,
SELECT distinct, AS typeid,
d.megapixels AS value,
NULL AS start_time,
NULL AS end_time
FROM `db_y`.`data` d, `db_x`.`attribute_types` at, `db_x`.`items`
WHERE = 'megapixel' AND i.secondid = d.p_id
AND d.megapixels is not null;

When I run it without the insert statement it return 500 rows in about
90ms, when I add the insert statement the whole MySQL service stops.
The `db_x`.`attributes` table furthermore contains a field 'yo' which
is the primary key and an auto_increment field.
I am running MySQL 4.1.9-nt. It is running on Windows Server 2003. I found out it's the following error: 2013 Lost connection to MySQL
server during query. It also happens when I execute a large batch file.

Does anybody have an idea?

Thanks in advance,