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    Unanswered: Problems displaying image in bound object frame

    Hi there,

    I've set up a database which should contain a few images; the main table stores the image as an ole-object and I've got a sub form which shows the image (bmp-file).
    However, the bound object frame on the subform only shows a miniature of the bmp-file instead of the entire screenshot. No, I didn't embed the file with the option : "Display as icon", but still not the whole bmp-is shown.

    Here is a screenshot: Screenshot

    What am I doing wrong? I copied the idea of the northwind.mdb and the properties of the bound object frame in my database are exactly the same as the in the nwind.mdb...

    I think it's something very easy which I have overlooked, but no idea where to find it...
    In the table itself it says: Package....but these are regular bmp-files, no jpegs....(when you search for package and ole objects, you only get some results about jpeg and gif-files...)

    Thanks a lot!

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    did you set the sizemode property to zoom ?

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