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    I am having a problem in connecting to oracle. This seems to be something very peculiar. We have adapter which connects to oracle. The function works well when we connect one at a time. We i try to connect the oracle using the adaptor more than five times (say in a for loop i am connecting). The oracle connectivity is successful either for the first or last (mostly last time). I mean to say in a for loop i tried to connect oracle five times and it is successful for the last command from the for loop. The error it shows is ora-12154. The beauty is "this happened in the live environment only" as always problems are at live environment". the difference between live and test environments are 1) data 2) our oracle and connection are in same domain and both the domains are windows2000. where as the live environment is unix (oracle 8i) and it is located in different place and the connector is windows 2000 and it is at differnt place. any idea?

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    Are you closing the connection in the cursor ???
    You might check to see what limits that database was configured with...
    Some parameters to look at are:



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    Did you check metalink?
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