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Thread: onload error

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    Unanswered: onload error

    In INFORMIX –Online Version 7.30.UC1 , I am restoring the database using the Onload command using a remote tape and I am getting the error ‘Tape contains a corrupt page’, and the restoring aborts. The onunload was made from another database with the same configuration and O.S. (Sco 5.0.5). This database has 13 Gb and i have tried with a small database and it works fine.

    Command line on server1: onunload -t /dev/rStp0 -b 128 -s 35000000 <database>
    Command line on server2: onload -t server2:/dev/rStp0 -b 128 -s 35000000 -d dbfdbs <database>

    Can anybody help me?

    Thanks in advance and sorry by my poor english.

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    Most probably, you are running into some product defect.


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