Does any one noticed db2licm Violation message after the upgrade to V8.2 in AIX.

> db2licm -l
Product Name = "DB2 Enterprise Server Edition"
Product Identifier = "DB2ESE"
Version Information = "8.2"
Expiry Date = "Permanent"
Registered Connect User Policy = "Disabled"
Number Of Entitled Connect Users = "5"
Enforcement Policy = "Soft Stop"
Number of processors = "12"
Number of licensed processors = "12"
Database partitioning feature = "Violation"
Annotation = ""
Other information = ""

Please help me, how to get the license.
When I opened the PMR IBM closed by saying --> The way to get a copy of that data partioning feature license is, if you are a member of passport advantage or partner world you can download the needed license from there. <--

I tried in passport I could not figure the DPF license other than that...

Passport Advantage program licenses:

Part description Part number

DB2 UDB Database
Partitioning Feature
Processor SW Maintenance Annual Renewal
DB2 UDB DPF Per Processor D518JLL
License & SW Maintenance 12 Months
DB2 UDB DPF Per Processor SW D518LLL
Maintenance Reinstatement 12 Months