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Thread: Agent Job Error

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    Unanswered: Agent Job Error

    Hi all,

    I have created alert to give me information for a backup that was done and since I don't have SQL Mail set up on my servers I use sp_SQLSMTPMAIL using a smtp server. The Alert is kicking off a job called EMAIL DBA which have the code below:

    exec master.dbo.sp_sqlsmtpmail @vcTo = '', @vcBody = '

    Error: [A-ERR]
    Severity: [A-SEV]
    Date: [STRTDT]
    Time: [STRTTM]
    Database: [A-DBN]
    Message: [A-MSG]

    Check the [SRVR] SQL Server ErrorLog and the Application event log on the server for additional details'

    This uses the Agent Token which is very powerful.

    The error I get on this job is:

    Executed as user: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. Line 8: Incorrect syntax near '\'. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 170). The step failed.

    If you look at the code there is no '\', so am I missing something or could this error come from the sp_SQLSMTPMAIL.

    Please help thanks


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    Can anyone HELP out there?


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