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    Unanswered: Database Held Hostage ??

    I have a question - we purchased a program from a developer which uses an access back-end .mdb/,mdw and a visual basic front end to access/manipulate the data. Using Advanced Query Tool, I have no problems view the names of the tables, but when I try to view the structure or the data, i get a "no read access" error - I want to be able to run certain reports with queries, but the developer wants to charge me more than $1000 to write a "sub-program" to do this. Is there anyway to simply VIEW the content of the database I paid for, or am I at the mercy of this unscupulous developer


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    Interesting! It seems like a common "practice"! Why shouldn't people put in the contract that the developer must surrender all the accounts/passwords when the contract is over?

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    I suggest you take the guy's mother hostage. He's probably living in her basement anyway!
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    Unless it's an arrangement where there's a license fee, you should hold ownership of both the data/information and the database itself. The exception, as I see it, is in the case of a license fee and even then, the developer usually only owns the database. The data/information stored inside remains the property of the client.

    Edit: I'd just like to cast my vote of "Yes" towards RNG's suggestion of taking the mother hostage. Perhaps you could mail the guy an article of her clothing and tell him that if he ever wants to see the rest, there will be a $1,000 fee.
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