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    May be your answer

    To catalog a Microsoft Access database in ODBC:

    Click Start --> Settings --> Control Panel.
    Double-click ODBC.
    Click System DSN.
    Click Add.
    Select Microsoft Access Driver from the Installed ODBC Drivers list.
    Click OK.
    Type the database alias in the Data Source Name field.
    Optional: Type a description of the database in the Description field.
    Click Select.
    Select the path and file name of the database from the list boxes.
    Click OK.
    Click Advanced.
    Type a user ID in the Login Name field.
    Type a password in the Password field.
    In the Options list, verify that the value of FIL is MS Access.
    Click OK in the Set Advanced Options window.
    Click OK in the ODBC Microsoft Access Setup window.
    Click Close.
    After you catalog the database in ODBC, create a target warehouse database

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    Documentation states:
    DWC08615E The import table name is case sensitive. The name
              specified is either incorrect or does not exist. Table
              name: "<table-name>".
    The table or tables that you tried to import were not found. This
    error is usually caused by an invalid table name or qualifier
    User Response:
    Check the spelling and the case of the table name and qualifier
    (creator) you supplied. On some platforms, these values are case
    Check creator (schema), table name and case sensitivity. If you are using some special character like spaces you probably need to double quote them. First make a simple test without any special characters.

    Hope this helps,

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    I will explain my situation in more details.

    I'm Student and I'm working with db2 data warehouse. the problem is when i try to generate a source for my warehouse, the source is an access database.

    I already register the ODBC to System DNS, y put User ID and PASSWD

    Later, in wharehouse center, I add a Generic ODBC, And put the same name like de ODBC that I already Register.

    More Details.
    System DNS Name: Neptuno
    Table: Customber

    Thanks for all of your HEEEEELP!

    P/D: Sorry for my English Gramar - couse I'm Spanish

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    I don't have MS-Access installed on my PC, but you can use Excel to try out if ODBC data source is working. After that you need to make some changes to my notes bellow to make Access ODBC connection to work to DW.
    Hope this helps,

    1. Open program Excel.
    2. Into data field A1 write: ID
    3. Into data field B1 write: VALUE
    4. Into data field A2 write: 1
    5. Into data field B2 write: 100
    6. Use mouse to mark all the fields from A1 to B2 (select data cell range).
    7. Define name for cells range with: Insert | Name | Define. This name is important because it will become table name in ODBC.
    8. Into the field "Names and workbook" type a name: EXCEL and press OK button.
    9. Save document into path c:\ and name it EXCEL.XLS.
    10. Close program Excel.

    11. Open Windows ODBC (Start | Programs | Control Panel | Administrative tools | ODBC).
    12. Click on tab "System DNS".
    13. Button Add.
    14. Select "Microsoft Excel driver (xls)"
    15. In input field "Data Source Name" write: EXCEL
    16. Click on button Select Workbook
    17. Search for c:\ and select file EXCEL.XLS and press OK button.
    18. Click OK button to move yourself up one window.
    19. Click OK button to close ODBC program.

    20. Open program DWC.
    21. Right click on "Warehouse Source" and select Define | ODBC | Generic ODBC.
    22. On "Warehouse Source" tab write into field Name: EXCEL.
    23. On "Data Source" tab write into field "Data source name": "EXCEL" and press OK button.
    24. Right button on Warehouse Sources | EXCEL | Tables and select Define.
    25. On tab "Source Table" delete contents of field "Table schema" and leave the field empty!
    26. Into field "Table Name" write: EXCEL.
    27. Tab Columns, right button inside field and select Add
    28. Into field Column name write: ID. All other data leave as default.
    29. Right click on empty row (on bottom of ID column) and select Add.
    30. Into field Column name write: VALUE. All other data leave as default.
    31. Press OK button to close window.
    32. Right click on Warehouse Sources | Excel | Tables | Exce and select Sample Contents. If you get the result from table, then the Excel file is correctly defined.

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    I fully appreciate your Help Buddy, I will probe de Exel Source with the directions that you give me.

    The investigate my particular problem, and it was simply to resolve after all.

    I've the DB2 ESE 8.7 (fix pack 7), and I had to update it to fix pack 10

    Then guess it.... It works great!!

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    I've Just finish Proving What you requested, and the following error ocurrs when I promote the process to PROVE MODE

    Is in spanish
    DWC07356E El proceso de un agente de un mandato de tipo
    "createBusinessView" ha fallado para la edición "0" del paso
    "Insertar Tabla Exel - SQL Select e Insert".
    [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/NT] SQL1216N Esta base de datos no da
    soporte a los datos de gráficos ni a las funciones de gráficos.

    RC = 7356 RC2 = 8525

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    the error looks like this in English:
    SQL1216N Graphic data and graphic functions are not supported
    for this database.


    The code page of the database does not support graphic data. The
    data types GRAPHIC, VARGRAPHIC, and LONG VARGRAPHIC are not valid
    for this database. The GRAPHIC literal and the VARGRAPHIC scalar
    functions are not valid for this database.

    The statement cannot be processed.

    Federated system users: this situation can also be detected by
    the data source.

    User Response:

    Resubmit the command with valid data types.

    sqlcode : -1216

    sqlstate : 56031

    It looks like you are using GRAPHIC data type in DB2. What is your code page: db2 get db cfg for database_name

    It looks like you are using Spanish code page. GRAPHIC data type is only supported in UTF-8 code page and some Eastern Asia code pages.

    Hope this helps,

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