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    I am working on crystal report 8.5. I created one subreport in a report. Now if content of subreports fits with in the page then it is printing in the same page otherwise printing on the new page, leaving a large blank space in page1. Kindly help me how can I get rid of the balnk space. I tried "keep together", "supress blank section" of the section but nothing is working plz. help!

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    I have had the same problem and am not sure if there is a solution.

    As an idea, you could use the WHILEPRINTINGRECORDS function in a formula to count the number of rows firstly before the subreport and then again in a separate formula within the subreport and passing the one before the subreport into it. Then when you reach the maximum lines for a page (find by experimentation) then maybe, just maybe, you could do something to force a page break. If you cannot force the page break then you could say supress all lines in the subreport where this value exceeds the page length and then pass out from the subreport a number which is the number of rows that you have managed to show (and if this is all of them then you would output the value of zero). Once correct then you should have what you want all on one page, albeit with the rest of the subreport missing.

    Next you could have another copy of exactlty the same subreport in a section just below and pass it the number just created - if it is zero then report nothing, but otherwise suppress the first so many rows according to the number passed and then show all of the remaining rows.

    This a totally untested concept, but I share it for what it's worth.

    Many thanks,

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    I tried "keep together", "supress blank section" of the section but nothing is working plz. help!
    Turn off the "Keep Together" option of the Sub-Report object, by default it is on.

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    Turn off the keep together from the subreport as well as for that section.

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